How do I search on One Home?

On One Home you can search for permanent, affordable housing anywhere in the Bay Area based on location, income, number of bedrooms and more. Here’s how to search for housing properties on One Home:

1. Go to Select a geographical area from the drop down “All Listings”, add number of people in your household, and a minimum or maximum rent. You can also click “Show all listings” to see every housing property on One Home.

2. You'll be brought to a search page with many housing properties listed. If you want to narrow down your search, you can use the “Filters” on the top of the page. You can filter by one or several of the filter options and click “Search” to see a narrowed down list. You can also use the map to zoom in and move around to a different location.

3. If you want to see more details and apply to a housing property, click on the name of the property (in blue text) to be brought to the housing property’s page on One Home.

4. For some housing properties, you can download and print the application directly - just look on the left side of the housing property page and follow the instructions. Learn how to download and print applications here.

5. You can apply to the housing property by either downloading an application and sending it to the property manager as explained on the application, or contact the property through its website or phone number. After applying, you can manually enter your information under “Track my application” and update if you find housing at any of the properties you were looking at on One Home. Learn how to track your application here. 

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