Can I track my applications on One Home?

“Tracking your application” allows you to see which housing properties you have applied to, and update One Home when you have found housing.

1. Go to

2. Use the search prompts to find a listing that you're interested in applying to.

3. Click on the link to go to that particular listing page on One Home.

4. You can apply to the housing property by either downloading an application and sending it to the property manager as explained on the application, or contacting the property through its website or phone number provided on the left side of the screen. After applying, don’t forget to track the application so you can be reminded about your application

5. Click “Track my application”, a pop-up will appear asking “Did you submit your application?” select “Yes”. Fill out when you submitted your application followed by the contact information you put on your application. This helps you keep an accurate record of your application.

6. Once your application is submitted, you can let us know if you got housing at the locations you were looking at or on another website.

7. Click on the blue thumbs up “I got housing!” button to update the location where you found housing.

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