What is the One Degree Common App and how do I fill it out?

The One Degree Common App is a public benefits enrollment application that individuals and families can use to apply for Medi-Cal, CalFresh (food stamps), and other benefits. You can also see a video here that gives an introduction to the Common App!

The Common App allows you to complete and track multiple benefits applications in one place. Applying for benefits can be overwhelming and confusing. The One Degree Common App simplifies the process by having you complete one form for many programs, saving you time! 

  • As you are completing the Common App we will guide you through the application process. Need help? Email us at help@1degree.organd we'll respond within 2 business days 

The Common App is broken down into 4 parts:  

1.  Common Info: Information required for enrollment across all programs you’re applying for 

    1. This includes information like your address, phone number, email, income questions, expenses, and your household. You can also watch a video here that goes over this process in more detail. 

2. Specific App Questions: Information required for enrollment only for specific programs 

You can also watch videos here that guide you through answering the specific app questions for Medi-Cal, Calfresh, and SF Parks and Recreation Scholarship. 

    1. For example the CalFresh application asks “Who in your household do you share food/expenses with?” a question not found in the Medi-Cal enrollment application 

3. Upload Documents: In this section you will add details and upload documents needed for enrollment such as a picture ID and proof of income. Your information will not be shared with any person or organization outside of the programs you are applying for.

4. Review & Sign: The last section of the Common App requires you to review and sign the terms. After you review and sign you will be able to submit your application. We also have a video here that goes over how to review and submit your application.

Congrats! You’ve completed one application for multiple benefit programs! 

Once your application is submitted, you will be able to track and update the status of your application, helping you stay organized as your applications are processed.

If you have any questions about filling out the Common App just email us at help@1degree.org and we'll respond within 2 business days. 

P.S. Check out the Learning Hub to see how to get the most out of using One Degree and the tools that we offer. You can find training videos, FAQs and other great resources!

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