I'm having an issue with my application, what do I do?

If you’re having issues with your applications to CalFresh (food stamps), Medi-Cal (Medicaid, health insurance) or SF Parks & Recreation Scholarships, we are here to help! Below are some common issues and how to fix them:

Your application was denied

Don’t give up - denials can often be fixed! If your application was denied and you want to fight the denial (commonly called an appeal), you can either do so on your own, or you can contact a local Legal Aid organization to help you appeal. We recommend contacting a Legal Aid organization, since they may be able to answer other questions and offer additional support. 

Connect with a Legal Aid organization (recommended)

If you would like legal advice or help filing an appeal, you can contact a local legal aid organization for assistance. You can use this Collection to find a legal aid organization near you, or contact us by emailing help@1degree.org or texting (800) 484-0126. We’d be happy to help you find the right legal aid organization for you. 

Appeal on your own

If your application for any benefit program was denied, you can always appeal the decision. You can appeal using this online form or by calling 800-743-8525, or for hearing or speech impaired use TDD 800-952-8349. Appealing can be a long process, so we recommend searching on One Degree for extra support while you wait (such as food pantries or free health clinics). Or you can always contact us by emailing help@1degree.org or texting (800) 484-0126 for help. 

You need to upload new documents to your submitted application

You can send documents to your local county office at https://www.getcalfresh.org/en/docs

If you do not have all the information/documents you need right now, you can still submit your application by retyping your password and agreeing to the terms. You can then submit your documents later at the link above.

You are having another issue with your submitted application

  • Still waiting to hear from your county and it’s been over 30 days
  • Issues with scheduling your interview or contacting your case worker
  • Other issues

If you applied over 30 days ago and you haven’t received a letter in the mail about your application, you can call your local county office for an update. You should also call your local county office if you’re unable to schedule an interview or contact your caseworker. 

You can also email us at help@1degree.org to confirm that your application was submitted.

Contact information for Medi-Cal/Covered California (Medicaid, health insurance)

Call (800) 300-1506 on Monday-Friday between 8am and 6pm or go to the Covered California website to get live support online, or a call back from a certified enroller 

Contact information for CalFresh (food stamps)

Search for your local county office by clicking on the letter that matches the first letter of your county (e.g. A for Alameda County) to view the offices and phone numbers for your county. 

If you call the local county office and they aren’t able to help you, don’t give up! We recommend contacting a local Legal Aid organization. You can use this Collection to find a legal aid organization near you

Questions? Contact us at help@1degree.org or by text at (800) 484-0126. We’d be happy to help you find the right legal aid organization for you. 

Contact information for SF Recreation & Parks Scholarship

Lillian Bautista, Scholarship Coordinator



P.S. Check out the Learning Hub to see how to get the most out of using One Degree and the tools that we offer. You can find training videos, FAQs and other great resources!

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