How do I use filters to narrow my search in the app?

1. Start a search using the Visual search or Search bar.

2. You’ll see a search page with a list of Opportunities matching your search.

3. Under the search bar is a horizontal list of filter options. To select a filter, click on the filter type, or click “More” to see all filter options.



4. On the filter page, tap the checkbox next to all the categories you want to include in your search. Just remember that filters will narrow your search to only show Opportunities that serve those categories exclusively. For example, if you filter your search using the "Female" category, your search page will only show Opportunities that exclusively serve people that identify as female. Opportunities such as food pantries for people of all genders will not appear.  

5. Click “Done” (iPhone) or “Apply” (Android) on the top right of the screen and your updated search page will refresh. You will now view Opportunities with the selected categories. 

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