Is To Do list on the app and My Plan on the website the same thing?

Yes, you’ll see the same information in your “To Do” list on the iPhone app as you do in “My Plan” on the One Degree website. There are some differences though:

  • On the iPhone app, you aren't able to add resources to “My Bookmarks” like you can on the One Degree website. Instead, you can move resources to “Save for Later” if you don’t want them to appear in your “To Do” list. We thought it would be easier to keep track of your “My Plan” and “My Bookmarks” resources if they were in the same place, so we’re trying it out on the iPhone app.
  • On the app, saved items are automatically added to “To Do” on the Saved tab, whereas on the One Degree website, saved resources go to the “My Bookmarks” section. If you want to save a resource, but don’t plan to take action on it for a while, just move it to “Save for Later”. You can switch it back anytime. Learn about saving resources in our One Degree app.  

Saved Resources on One Degree website []

Saved Resources on the "One Degree Search" iPhone app

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