What are Assessments?

Assessments are a feature that can assist in determining if a client is at-risk for health needs or eligible for certain criteria and use those results to suggest opportunities for the client.

  1.  Once you have logged into your Pro account, click on “Menu” in the upper left corner and select “Clients” from the dropdown menu. 
  2. Select the client that you would like to complete an Assessment, and then select “Assessments” to see a list of available assessments- we currently have available Diabetes Risk, Depression, Food Insecurity, Housing Insecurity, and CalFresh and Medi-Cal Eligibility. 
  3. Once you have found an assessment you would like to complete, click “Get Started” to begin the process. As a Pro, you should be taking the assessment with the client. If the client is not there you may take it on their behalf if you have access to the information needed to complete the assessment.
  4. Once you complete the questions, you may review the answers and edit any of them by hovering over the answer and selecting the pencil icon.
  5. After completing the assessment, select “See Your Results” and you will be taken to a results page to see the next steps and resources to refer the client to.

     You can filter the results by selecting one of the filters on the bottom right of the map. 

    You may also adjust the location by typing it into the search bar or by moving the map around.  

    If you need to make edits to a client’s assessment or retake the assessments at any time, you can do so by going to the client’s profile, click on the “Assessments” tab, then scroll down to the section titled “Completed”. Click on “review results” and then select either “edit your answers” in the top right corner or “restart assessment” in the top left corner. 

P.S. Check out the Learning Hub to see how to get the most out of using One Degree and the tools that we offer. You can find training videos, FAQs and other great resources!

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