What are “collections” and how can I create one?

Collections are the best way to save and organize your favorite organizations, opportunities, or even other collections. You can use them to group opportunities and organizations by location (e.g. “Great after school programs near the Bayview”), and by theme (e.g. “LGBTQ Support Groups”). You can control who views your collection. A collection can be “public,” so anyone on One Degree can find and view it, it can be only visible to other members in your organization, or it can be “private,” so only you and the people you invite can view it.

Here’s how you create a Collection:

  1. Click the + button next to the “My Collections” section on the left blue sidebar
  2. Create a title for the Collection. Add the geographical area, if applicable.
  3. Add an author. You can either use your own name as the Author, your organization or write in a different Author name. Note: You can only create a collection on behalf of your organization if you’re connected to your organization. Learn how to connect to your organization here.
  4. Make your collection Public, visible to your organization only, or Private. You can invite anyone to view, edit or own a Private collection if you’d like. You can also change the privacy settings later.
  5. (Optional) Go to the “Add/Change Header” tab to add a header image. Image should be 1200px x 250px and no larger than 100Kb.
  6. Add resources to your collection by clicking on the heart (♡) next to an opportunity on a search page, or click the "Save" button on an organization or opportunity page. Next, select the collection from the pop-up list. 

Here's how to remove resources from a Collection:

  1. To remove a resource from your collection, do so by clicking on the save button on the upper right hand side of any resource. 

  2. A pop-up will appear (see image below). Here, you will click on the small arrow on the left of the collection name to open up all of the categories within the Collection. 

  3. After you click on the small arrow on the left of the collection name, you will notice that a yellow heart will be shaded next to both the collection name and the categories the Opportunity is in. You should look through the categories on this list to see which ones have a yellow heart, meaning that the Opportunity is in that category.

  4. You will now see that both of the hearts are unclicked. If the resource was listed under several categories, you would need to unclick those as well to delete the Opportunity.

To view your collections, go to the blue left sidebar of any page and click the “My Collections” button towards the bottom of the page, then select the collection you’re looking for.

For a walkthrough of how to create collections, watch our Intro to One Degree webinar. (skip to minute 18). 

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