How do I add all the resources in my area?

The power to bring One Degree to your community is in your hands. We’re making our best practices and tools available so you can make One Degree your go-to tool for finding and managing community resource information. New to One Degree or need a refresher on all One Degree features? Check out our Pro Resource Page.

If you’re planning on expanding One Degree to your community, then start by telling us who you are and where you’re located. We will connect you with our Resource Management team who can help answer questions and share their expertise with you. Send us an email at

You will be creating a robust set of resource information on One Degree for your community that will include hundreds of organizations and each of the services they offer. This is a lot of information to gather! We learned that the key to doing this work is to stay organized. The checklist below ensures that you stay on track.

Checklist for Creating A Community Resources Database on One Degree
  • Form your team. Invite 1-4 people to help you get started. It’s beneficial to find someone with knowledge of community resources, like a social worker or case manager, they can help connect you to resource information.
  • Collect resource information. Gather recent resource information by requesting resource binders, resource guides or resource lists from nonprofits or government agencies. Tip: resources guides are usually published in PDF or spreadsheet form online, download as many as you can find.
  • Create a master list. Once you have resource guides, you will need to organize the organizations so each team member can start the data entry process. The master list is shared with every team member. This list keeps track of all the organizations, team member assignments, and the completion status. Download a sample master list.
  • Submit resource information. This will be the most time-intensive step in the process. Your team will need to verify each organization and its services and submit them to One Degree for review and publication. Team members working on submitting resources should read through our FAQs here. You can also view our webinar on the subject here, or view our shorter video here.
  • Get support. Our Resource Management team is here to help you through the process and offer advice and insights along the way. Just email us at
  • Expand your team. Keep growing your team throughout the process so you can increase the volume of resources being added to your database.

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