What client information do you store and who is it shared with?

When you use One Degree as a nonprofit or social work professional, you can optionally add your clients (in My Clients) to start making referrals and take assessments.

To create a client, we require at least a first and last name, but you can add as much or as little real personal information as you are comfortable. One Degree is HIPAA compliant, so we maintain your client information with the highest standard of security and privacy. We do not automatically share any information about your client to third-parties unless you initiate that sharing while creating a referral, by adding a contact at the "referred agency" - the agency to which you referred your client. Learn more about making referrals.

When you add a client's email or cell phone number, we will notify them that you have added them as a client on One Degree and give them the option to sign up (always free). They are under no obligation to sign up and you can continue to make referrals to them regardless. We do not pester or spam your clients with unrelated communication. If you choose to send the referrals you make to your clients through email or text message, they will receive notifications about those referrals.

You should follow your own organization's guidelines for maintaining client information. If you require a Business Associate Agreement to enter client information into One Degree and make referrals, we are happy to sign one with your organization. Please contact our team to make arrangements at  info@1degree.org.

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