How do I add a service or program to One Degree?

Thank you so much for adding resources to One Degree. Anyone with a One Degree account can add resources to the site - you don't need to work for the organization or get permission to add it to One Degree. See below for instructions:

1. Go to the Organization page for the organization that provides the service or program you want to add by entering the name in the Search bar labeled "Find". The organization should appear in the drop-down menu as you're typing. If it doesn't appear, hit Enter and select the "Organizations" tab on the next page. Select the organization from that list.

2. Click the “Add Opportunity” button to add the specific services offered by the organization. Members using One Degree search by Opportunities, so it is very important to create at least 1-3 opportunities for any organization. Otherwise, the organization won't appear in searches.

3. Add the opportunity title following the guideline text that appears on the left side. Then add a description of the organization, “What to Do Next instructions”, keywords relating to the opportunity, the areas served, cost, and languages all following the guideline text that appears on the left side.

4. Review your information and click "Submit" when you're ready.

5. Your opportunity will not appear on the Organization page right away. Our team will review your submission and it will be live on One Degree within 1-3 business days. Thanks for your patience! You'll receive an email from us when your Opportunity has been reviewed.

6. Follow these instructions to add another Opportunity!

Here are two videos about how to submit resources using our Resource Editing Tool 

6 minute video that provides a quick overview on how to add a service or program to One Degree:

30 minute video that provides in-depth information on how to add a service or program to One Degree:

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