How do I start or stop notifications?

On One Degree, you can choose to receive a variety of helpful reminders via text and/or email. We promise to only send you emails that are helpful to you, such as recommendations for opportunities on our site, or announcements about new One Degree features to improve your experience.  

1. Go to your One Degree Settings. Get to your Settings by clicking the “My Account” button on the top right corner of any One Degree page, and select “Settings”. 

2. Click on the "Preferences" tab. From here you can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from all emails and/or texts from One Degree, or just ones related to opportunities you’ve saved, or ones related to referrals. If you’d like to receive text message and email reminders from One Degree, make sure your Preferences look like this:

If you previously replied "STOP" to a text message from us, but you want to start receiving texts from One Degree again,  just reply "START" to one of the following numbers:

  • 415-813-3475
  • 415-200-3574
  • 844-833-1334

And if you change your mind, you can always come back to your One Degree Settings and make changes in your "Preferences"

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