Why am I seeing search results I don’t expect?

Our search results include everything related to your keywords because we don’t want you to miss any possibly helpful opportunities that might use slightly different words.  

We have thought about showing you only results that contain every word in your search, but then we risk you missing helpful opportunities. For instance, if your search "free lunch,” you might miss results like "reduced price lunch" or "summer lunch program." We’d rather show you more results, with the good ones at the top, than risk you missing helpful opportunities.

For example, when you enter a phrase like immigration law in our search box, you’ll first see opportunities that contain keywords for "immigration law", such as "Get free legal immigration services in East Palo Alto". Next you’ll see opportunities with the word "immigration" OR the word "law" in them, like "Get legal services" at Fair Oaks Community Center. After one page of relevant opportunities, you'll see opportunities that are loosely related to the original search for immigration law, such as "Take a citizenship classes for adults."

Our goal is to make sure you get at least 10 opportunities on the first page that fit exactly what you're looking for. If the results of your search don’t contain anything relevant, please email help@1degree.org or click the yellow “Chat (Habla) One Degree” box at the bottom right of any page and let us know. We'd love to improve One Degree with your feedback.

Keep in mind that right now we only serve the Bay Area  (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma counties) and Los Angeles County, California, as well as Gainesville, Florida, and New York. We'll be expanding in the near future, but this may also be why you don't see useful results if you’re searching outside of those areas.

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