How do I save resources to view later? [My Plan]

To save resources, you need to create a One Degree account, if you haven't already. Learn how to sign-up for a One Degree account.

The best way to save a resource you want to use later is to add it to your To Do list under "My Plan". My Plan is where you can organize all the resources you find and want to contact about receiving services or joining a program. To add a resource to your To Do list, go to an Opportunity page and select "Add to my Plan" on the right side of the page. You can see all the resources you've saved by going to "My Plan". 

If you want to save a resource that you're not planning to contact about receiving services, you can bookmark the resources by clicking on the heart icon to the right of any opportunity or organization. You should see the opportunity or organization appear on the blue left sidebar under the “My Bookmarks” section. You can see all your bookmarked opportunities and organizations by clicking on the “My Bookmarks” section.

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